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If you take seafood out of the equation, chicken and eggs are generally considered next in line for a healthy protein source. We all know how important protein is, so no need for nutritional stats just yet. Let’s touch on something else for now. So, chicken. we love the taste and we like the protein. It’s not all protein though, is it? A lot of fat & cholesterol tags along with that protein. Why?

We’ve already GMed (Genetically Modified) the regular poultry breed so much that it’s just programmed to generate that excess fat. It’s what one can call hulking up the bird for a better yield. Comparing the size and genetics of the birds 50 years ago with today’s birds, boils down to what it is – just pure animal cruelty. We’ve beefed them up so much that they can’t even stand for long.



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We at Kadaknath® Agro World take pride in ownership of the ‘Kadaknath®’ trademark, which gives us the exclusive rights to do business under the name. We entered this venture of making Kadaknath® mainstream with a set of some strong values and enthusiasm. By securing the trademark, we now find ourselves even more committed to the cause.

In the business sense, it gives us a massive advantage over the competition. It’ll allow us to consolidate and organize the entirely unorganized market into a single organized umbrella. By introducing a standardized way of breeding, testing, packaging and pricing products under the brand ‘Kadaknath®’, the end customers will be assured to consistently get the best quality products.

For existing businesses and aspiring entrants, this is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of an organized movement that’ll make Kadaknath a global phenomenon. It’ll open doors to also support the growing number of our business associates, expertise and legal rights of the brand.



Discover Our Story

We are a bunch of food enthusiasts and adventurers who understand the global movement towards a healthier food culture. We were all in on the fast food revolution but now it’s time to change.

We know you’ll agree the tide is shifting. We share a common bond of love for everything that is good and edible. The adventurer in us led to this discovery (not so much) of a fairly unknown breed of chicken and we went like “why don’t more people know about this?”.

That’s when we decided to take up the mantle. We enjoy our work & what motivates us to come in every day is a personal mission of making our family of customers happy with our yummy and healthy products.



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Know Our Products

We are solely dedicated in bringing to you only the purest of kadaknath breed products. We are extremely careful about ensuring that our customers, be they farmers or the consumers of our retail products feel delighted in being associated with us.

We currently have a portfolio of products for both retail & non-retail customers (farmers) and will soon introduce products that’ll cater to advanced processing industries.

For retail customers, we currently have:


For non-retail customers, we supply:



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The Kadaknath breed is gaining traction across the country and overseas by the day and the Kadaknath family is growing with it. Based on past and current trends, it is expected that Kadaknath will be a globally recognized brand in the near future. Our team is a major stakeholder when it comes to promoting Kadaknath on the national & international scale. The ownership of the “Kadaknath” trademark puts us ahead of the game and allows us to capitalize on all the opportunities that lie ahead of us. So, if you want to grab an opportunity, look no further and associate with only the best.

Check all the available solutions and get in touch with us to discuss the wide range of opportunities available for you.

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