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We are a bunch of food enthusiasts and adventurers who understand the global movement towards a healthier food culture. We were all in on the fast food revolution but now it’s time to change. We know you’ll agree the tide is shifting. We share a common bond of love for everything that is good and edible. The adventurer in us led to this discovery (not so much) of a fairly unknown breed of chicken and we went like “why don’t more people know about this?”. That’s when we decided to take up the mantle. We enjoy our work & what motivates us to come in every day is a personal mission of making our family of customers happy with our yummy and healthy products.

About Kadaknath



Kadaknath's Mission



Taking up the mantle of being the biggest provider of the best quality & healthy produce is a big responsibility on us. We believe in breeding the birds ourselves in order to maintain the highest standards of hygiene on our completely organic farm. We take pride in telling our clientele that our farm size is growing rapidly.

We have our own hatchery & a feed processing plant that prepares the feed strictly according to the nutritional requirements of the Kadaknath bird. Our primary mission is to provide supreme quality Kadaknath eggs & meat, and for this sole reason, we’ve spent countless man hours in building a world-class infrastructure that is not only capable of supreme quality products but also considers all ethical animal treatment measures. Our products are premium and will continue to remain so. So, it is only logical to make everything around the product premium too – right from processing & packaging to the customer experience. This strong commitment, reinforced every day, is what makes us believe in what we do.




Aim & Vision

The primary aim for us is – to reach as many people as we can and make this delectable & healthy poultry available to them. Silkie from China and Ayam Semani from Indonesia are the only two other known Black Meat Chicken (BMC) breeds in the world.

Our passion & devotion to providing a healthier alternative to people and our sense of patriotic pride makes us want our own domestic breed to be the front runner at the global scale. That is our long-term vision – to see Kadaknath as the most popular choice of healthy chicken across the world.

Vision of Kadaknath