Promising Health With Taste



1. 100% pure breed   2. Naturally bred


3. Fed only with our scientifically designed feed recipe


4. Average age – 6 to 18 months


5. Approximate weight – hen: 1 to 1.2kg, cockerel: 1.1 to 1.4kg


If you’re a farmer, a breeder or someone with an entrepreneurial mind and wish to enter the Kadaknath business, you’ve reached the right place. We recommend starting off with chicks and a few adult pairs to complement the business. Breeding Kadaknath is an intricate process if you want to ensure their nutritional value remains intact. To make that happen, Kadaknath birds need sufficient space for activity and a carefully designed diet. Feeding a regular poultry feed was not an option and hence we created our own. With the largest Kadaknath farm in the world, state-of-the-art hygiene solutions & a scientifically designed feed, we can guarantee the purity and expected nutritional value.