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Celebrate Women's Day

Women's Day Special

Kadaknath eggs and meat,

Cure your all problems if you eat.

Menstruation cycle is regularly,

It also promotes fertility.

Promising Health with taste,

Eating kadaknath eggs & meat is the best

Strong and tasty making every Woman’s day healthy.

Women go through so many problems post delivery problems, menstruation cycle various other issues here is the blog which will be helpful for you to reduce your problems an initiative taken by KADAKNATH :


There are several natural & dietary solutions for curbing menstrual pains. They can come in handy when you’re actively trying to avoid OTC pain killers. After all, taking pain killers regularly can cause some serious side effects in the long run; including loss of hearing, kidney damage, stomach ulcers, and various cardiovascular diseases. So even during the difficult days of the month, the smart way is to keep things natural.

Some examples of these foods are fennel seeds, cinnamon, ginger, dill, papaya, brown rice, walnuts, almonds, flaxseed, & green leafy vegetables. Another highly rich source of the required nutrition is Kadaknath eggs & chicken. Apart from being high on vitamins & protein, they contain 97% less fat than regular eggs & chicken.

They also contain essential polyunsaturated fats from the Omega 3 & Omega 6 family, mainly Docosahexaenoic Acid & Alpha-Linolenic Acid. These omega fatty acids are highly effective because of their antioxidant properties, which reduce swelling & inflammation, subsequently reducing the pain. This nutrition is also helpful in keeping the cycle consistent & regular. Iron is another essential nutrient that is required to reinstate the blood level lost during menstruation. Deficiency of iron can lead to anemia & worse.

With Kadaknath Wish you all have a very happy and healthy!!WOMEN’S DAY!!

We’ve covered the importance of iron in RBC & hemoglobin maintenance here, which also affects your menstruation cycles.

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Benefits of Kadaknath

Benefits of Kadaknath

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benefits of Kadaknath

Enjoy IPL with Kadaknath

Enjoy IPL with Kadaknath

Dr. Indar Tomar, senior scientist and head of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh) has recommended that Virat Kohli’s boys include special chicken from this farm in their diets. While having a talk to Deccan Chronicle, Dr. Tomar said, “Congratulations to our boys, who won the Test series in Australia. For better performance in the coming years, I have suggested to the Indian team and the Indian cricket board to visit our farmhouse. We can demonstrate how Kadaknath chickens can fulfill the needs of the players.”

Kadaknath for cricketers

Let’s Initiate Protein packed Life…with full josh!! By choosing Kadaknath Chicken and eggs over other normal chicken and eggs you can be stronger as you choose a strong team with strong players for IPL from RCB Squad, CSKs Squad, MI, DC, KKR, RR, KXIP, and SRH Squad.

So sit back, relax and get Kadaknath eggs and chicken and enjoy the IPL matches every day.

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Say Yes to KADAKNATH in Summer

Should we or shouldn’t we eat eggs in summer?

Say yes to Kadakntah in summer

It is a misconception that eating eggs in summer can be unhealthy. It is completely okay to have eggs in summer, though in some limits. They are loaded with different vitamins and minerals to keep your energy level high and so are important. Eggs have a tendency to produce heat in our body and then it can cause indigestion and discomfort. Eggs may cause heat in the body, but if eaten in limits may prove to be excellent wholesome foods. Having more than 2 eggs a day may cause your body to heat up further leading to problems so It is advised that you can eat up to 2 eggs a day.


  • Eggs make the richest source of nutrients and are called superfoods
  • It can produce heat in our body and cause indigestion
  • It is advised that you can eat up to two eggs a day
  • Eggs are nutritious, tasty and easy food for you and your family.
  • You can different dishes from eggs here are lots of egg recipes and ideas that can make it more nutritious and tasty.
  • For most people, the benefits of eating eggs outweigh the risks.

            So this summer say yes to eggs don’t let your body compromise in fitness and health. Stay fit and healthy with Kadaknath eggs with low fat and high nutrition, and much more health benefits.

So get this summer eggs on Kadaknath or on Kadaknath eggs

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