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Dance in energy of ‘Kadaknath Beats’

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In the strongest and boldest voice of himself Mr. Adarsh Shinde sang a song for Kadaknath, describing strengths and immunity power of Kadaknath Chicken. 

This song will mainly attract the youth of Maharashtra as it is Marathi song. The song in Mr. Adarsh Shinde’s voice undoubtedly make people to come on dance floor to go mad dancing along with this DJ song beats. 

Kadaaak… Kadaak… Kadaaaaknathhhh…..!!!!

These words represents the strong nutritional values of Kadaknath chicken. In Marathi Kadak meaning powerful. The singer of the song gave complete justice to the music, lyrics and motive of the song. 

To listen to this powerful song click on the link below

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