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kadaknath feed


‘We are what we eat.’ This is true for Kadaknath chicken as well. Kadaknath chicken breed is identified for its low fat & high protein meat & eggs, and to maintain that identity, the food they eat should be likewise. The thing that makes up for their identity is their inherent nature of being wild & active.

Hence, apart from the rearing conditions, their feed needs to be carefully designed. The regular poultry feed that’s available in the market is designed for regular chicken and it does what it promises to do, which is making the chicken lazy & fat.

The only objective there is to increase the yield per chicken, so it helps if the chicken is bulking up. This is not the case with Kadaknath. At least it should not be. If you give Kadaknath the regular feed, they’ll end up being the same as regular chicken – high fat & low protein. They’ll even pass on these traits to their next generation.

To avoid this, we teamed up with scientists who have conducted extensive research on Kadaknath in past decades and designed a recipe for feed that accurately reflects the nutrition Kadaknath gets in its natural habitat. The purpose of this process was to ensure that their inherent qualities remain intact. The feed contains 31 ingredients sourced from various places in India and mixed in a proprietary formula.

If you are in the Kadaknath business or wish to enter, we advise you to give this feed a try. If you want to see the difference, divide your batch in 2 and feed separately.