Promising Health With Taste


New-born Chicks


1.100% Pure Kadaknath Breed   2.Vaccinated




4.Incubated & hatched under the most hygienic conditions


5.Age range: 1 day – 1 week   6.Approx. weight: 60g


If you’re a farmer, a breeder or someone with an entrepreneurial mind and wish to enter the Kadaknath business, you’ve reached the right place. We recommend starting off with chicks and a few adult pairs to complement the business. We assume you’ve done some research already so the only thing we want to stress upon is the ‘importance of purity’ in Kadaknath.

This is a specialised business which requires keen attention to be paid towards every aspect of it. The most crucial factor you must consider above anything else is the purity of the breed. The entire value of Kadaknath is in its nutrition & not just in its colour. It is what makes it inherently superior than other breeds of chicken. If the breed is impure, it does not carry the nutritional value it is known for and hence loses its premium status. There are a lot of breeders and farmers who sell the chicks at low prices, but to achieve these prices, they’ve compromised on the purity. Here’s an example – you’re buying a Ferrari. If you want a real Ferrari, you need to pay its true price and buy it from a trusted dealer. If someone says they’ve got a cheaper option, you know it’s not the real thing. We guarantee the purity of our Kadaknath breed. One visit to our farm and you’ll see the difference for yourself.